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Hi. My name is Natalia. I'm 19 years old and am majoring in Visual Arts. I enjoy reading, outdoor activities, crafts and am an obsessive movie watcher. Looking forward to some new movies comming out this fall! I finished 4x5 film photo class and am going on to CoLoR pOsItIvE PrOcEsSiNg in the fall along with a other Art courses. This page contains my favorite movies, and other tidbits about myself. visit my other sites if you have the time and continued interest.

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Must See Movies

Brazil Fargo Seven 12 Monkeys The Birdcage Romeo and Juliet Home for the Holidays The STAR WARS Trilogy Saturday Night Fever The Dark Crystal The Fifth Element Jerry Maguire Addicted to Love Grosse Point Blank Swingers Scream PCU Stawberry & Chocolate El NORTE The Godfather MaRs AttackS TheBreakfastClub 16Candles ClerkS MallratS One Flew Over the Kookoo's Nest Real Genius Say Anything Hoodlum Money Talks The Full Monty Pretty In Pink Flight of the Navigator What's eating Gilbert Grape Billy Madsen The Game Bodies, Rest & Motion M A Life less Ordinary The Devils Advocate-Al Pacino! the Nightmare Before Xmas Benny&June 8 Heads In A Dufflebag Inventing the Abbots The Wedding Singer Chasing Amy Ever After

I am an obsessive movie watcher. Some great movie links that I have found are

  • Fargo
  • The5thElement
  • TheBreakfastClub
  • MarS AttackS

    wHeRe I wOrK nOw


    My Boyfriend...HA!

    MY BOYZ!

    Lovely Womyn

    Cyndi Lauper

    Claire Danes is one of my most favorite young actresses. She is earning her success by putting on incredible performances.Claire Danes takes the Best Female Performance at this year's MTV Movie Awards. The MTV Movie awards was taped in Santa Monica and was aired on June 12th.Check MTV for the re-runs of the awards.Claire is one talented gal and i think that she completely deserves her award for best female performance. *********************************************************************************************************************************************

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  • sob. check out the filmography of the lateJimmy Stewart

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