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I have been updating my Titanic sites for a while. They still are incomplete. I am depending on my friend Alex to get my pictures on the net so that all of you can see them. Again, I humbly apologize for the wait. I want them on my sites just as much as yourself. In Titanic news, I received an Email informing me that there is a petition going around on the net about getting Cameron to make a Director's cut of Titanic. If you want to sign the petition go here Sign Petition


Well it's officially D-Day! Tonight is the Oscar night. I'm very much awaiting to see how many Oscars TITANIC brings home. Do you think it'll win BEST PICTURE? Will Kate Winslet win BEST ACTRESS? Oh the anxiety!!!


IMPORTANT: Unfortunately my younger brother didn't have the courtesy to let me knowthath felt that our mail slot was too full, so hence, he's deleted all of your e-mails that you have sent to me. If you haven't received a response from me yet then this is why...i no longer have your e-mail. Please re-send your message and i will repond asap. On a lighter note:Oscars tomorrow eve!!!


I've been working on my sites and am trying to get these pictures up, but it isn't looking good right now. I'm getting together with a friend who says that he can help me. Hopefully I'll get these pictures up soon!

On a personal note: I know that I've been promising to post pictures of myself as "Rose" and as I look naturally. I planned on having them up by now, but the pictures scanned are on a disk that belongs to my now since yesterday ex-boyfriend. Once I get myself together emotionally (etc) I'll make sure to get the disk from him and have the pictures posted. I apologize for the delay. Also, obviously, my mind has been preoccupied and I've been neglecting my e-mail. I will answer all of my e-mail that has been sent in time. Please be patient with me. Thank you for your understanding. On a lighter note, I've now seen TITANIC 5 times and I find it funny how the sniffles begin when the elderly couple is lying there in bed as the ocean water rushes into their room and they don't stop until the movie credits begin. Then when the man falls off the ship and his body hits one of the propellers, the audience is q'd up for the same reaction "OAH!". On Star 100.7 fm radio here in San Diego on the Jeff & Jer show this morning they called up a woman who was on the TITANIC when she was 18 months old who survived along with her mother and brother on collapsable D. It was interesting to hear what she had to say about the movie; how accurate it is. It's been over a year ago now that I was on the set of the movie and the experience continues to grow in importance to myself.


Yours truly was phoned by Jeff & Jer's Tommy to talk about TITANIC. too bad they phoned me at 6:30 a.m. i sounded so tired on the air. it was fun though.did any of you who live out here in San Diego, CA hear me on the air?


i've been receiving a lot of positive e-mail about 'TITANIC'. sounds like everyone finds it to be an epic. i've seen the final product three times now and know that i will be seeing it a few more times in the near future. it's phenominal. i absolutely love the ending. since i'm continuously receiving 'TITANIC' reviews, i've decided to post them as received-keep them up for a while-then post new ones as they come. if you have yet to see 'TITANIC'-i highly recommend calling your theater of choice before going because it may very well be SOLD OUT. 'TITANIC' is dominating the box office!!! good job to all who were apart of the making of this film!


I just saw Titanic for the 2nd time and it was even more powerful than the first....the movie is captivating on so many different levels. The plot of true love, the relalistic trip back through history, the character development, and the special effects. The one aspect that grasped me most was the love story...i could not stop crying. The plot shows the meaning of true love, and what it can do for anyone. This movie has provided a new aspect on my life. Jamie Lantz

For me (a 30 yr old MWM), Titanic was a riveting religious experience. The movie is still haunting me a week later. I cried for the first time at a movie since seeing Leaving Las Vegas; the scenes keep playing over and over in my mind; the movie made me realize how precious life and love is, and that we should cherish both to the fullest for as long as possible. I sat for 5 minutes with my wife after the movie ended in utter shock. My head was in my hands, and I couldn't speak. My wife was crying. The theatre was filled with dozens of people who felt the same emotions as us. Celine Dion's breathtaking vocal display during the credits was just fabulous. There is something about this movie that has never moved audiences in a long time. I must say that the length of the movie is no deterent. If anything, I would love to have seen even more of the love story between Leo and Kate...I could have watched it for days and not known where I was or that I was even watching a movie....I was living the experience right along with them. The comparisons to Gone With the Wind are certainly worthy. In my humble opinion, this could be the greatest movie ever created. D.L. (emerge@ix.netcom.com)

Titanic: It's not about Leo (even though he is beautiful). Its a real life historical reenactment of THE Titanic.The movie was the best I've seen this year. I went in thinking aww It's just another history movie. Caught me off guard.It's was exiting and romantic.After It was over my heart was still pounding.The effects were outstanding and the actors couldn't be better.I absolutly loved it and wouldnt mind seeing it again this week. Jim Clack From the very start, you know you are watching a movie that has been lovingly crafted. From the massive shots of the great ship in Southampton harbour, to the incredible scenes of the sinking, everything is in this film. There isn't one shot in the entire movie that makes you think "Hey, that looks fake". Most of all, though, Titanic is an epic love story. I'm not going to give too much of it away, because I went in knowing little about the "story" surrounding the sinking, but this film is a *classic* and everyone should see it."-Cory Muzyka


it's been a while since i've updated this page, so i will begin with the most exciting news...my name, along with this site, was mentioned in the October 24th issue, in print, of Entertainment Weekly. My friend Alex was also metioned with his TITANIC site. the issue is also on line. when i find the URL i'll post it here. several entertainment magazines have had long and exciting TITANIC articles. theaters are getting ready for TITANIC to hit. the mann cinema 21 in San Diego has TITANIC cups and posters up. it looks like Dec 19th is coming quicker than ever.


more TITANIC pictures and a good article in the current PREMIERE magazine. NEWS FLASH! Behind the scenes look at TITANIC on Entertainment Tonight TONIGHT! Look at your local listings. Drop me a line and let me know what you think!


ok, so if you missed the preview of TITANIC that was aired on Entertainment Tonight April 14th, don't worry. The preview can now be seen in theaters!!! Go see PICTURE PERFECT. It's a good movie that serves its purpose and is worth a good laugh. The TITANIC trailer is the first preview, if I remember correctly, when you go to see that film. It looks fantastic and at the end says DECEMBER 19. So it's official. Look for the scene where the ice burg hits...that's me running backwards! Also, a quick scene where Leo is running down a hall of water holding a small child...that's me running behind him. a glimpse of my face looking downwards. that's all the news for now.


found a nice night picture of the TITANIC set. Check it out here
An interview with Kate about the movie Jude

It's been a while, but there hasn't been a lot of TITANIc updates lately. What I have been told though is this, there was fifteen hours of film to edit and they're down to five. The movie is supposed to be two and a half to three hours long when it reaches the theaters. Kate and Leo are featured separately in the Entertainment magazine of July and Seventeen has a few as well. I have been e-mailed and requested to do and interview with Dave Friend, writer/editor of Entertainment Online. I will be featured in the summer interviews column, so look for moi. If you want to subscribe to the popular Online magazine click HERE


if anyone was wondering where this page went then visit my personal web site HERE
that's my new home page. it's up and running, but i still have a ways to go before it's back to the state i had it in before tragedy beyond my control occurred. okay, TITANIC info. well folks, the movie's release date had been pushed back to DEC 19th. so re-mark those calendars. to keep us entertained until then several magazines have been coming out with TITANIC pictures and previews. don't buy YM or any "teenaged" magazine for factual input. i read what YM had to say and most of it is false. the June issue of PREMIERE has some a cool pic and a good written preview and so does the June issue of US. go and check them out! i also will be re-posting my sub-sites that went to this site, and i wll be posting the LA TIMES article that announces the new release date, so look for them next time you visit until next time daddy-o.


thanks to TIM, a TITANIC fan, my TITANIC page has been saved. i can always dish up some new links about the RMS TITANIC, but everything i wrote here is a part of me that i thought was lost forever! thank you TIM! MORE GOOD NEWS:okay. i have begun, as you may see on the links, special pages that answer your questions about my TITANIC experience. don't feel awkward about asking me stuff about the actors, the set, what the media portrays, etc. i will be more than happy to quench your curiousity. didn't you learn anything in school? i bet everyone has been told by a teacher at least once in their life, "no question is a stupid question." so ask away! (please keep in mind that the pages are under construction, so don't be too disappointed if you're not mezmorized by their beauty, thanks!)


i have been doing a lot of research on the RMS TITANIC ever since i've been back from the set of TITANIC. it's really interesting how inevitable the night of April 14, 1912 was. i did a lot of thinking that night this year. from the books i have read and documentaries on the discovery channel i can honestly say that i sincerely feel something for all of the people that were on the ship; those who survived and those who went down along with the ship. i have a new understanding of the word tragic. the story of the TITANIC is so surreal. it happened and yet it's so hard to believe all of the events that happened that lead to such an unfortunate fate.


i wrote this on paper and completely forgot to add it to this page! i had the honor of speaking to an eigth grade class who is studying the TITANIC in their us history class. it was a lot of fun and when the girls saw the picture that i have of leo they were just full of questions. it was really cute and kind of disgusting at the same time. not that i've never gone through a stage in my life where i dream of meeting some huge movie star, but it was too much from a bunch of thirteen year old girls. yikes! honestly i have been following leo's works since he was on a few episodes of GROWING PAINS. i will admit that he is a very good looking guy and i always wanted to meet him. well everyone, some dreams DO come true. i never thought that i would meet leonardo dicaprio, and i never thought that i would get to see him almost every day for seven weeks being the photo double for an up and coming actress kate winslett. point being, as corny as it sounds, keep dreaming! because when you're not even thinking about it, the dream becomes reality. enough said.


i quit my photo doubling job this week. i'm home for good now, but i still have my friends there keeping in touch with me to let me know what's going on there to be able to continue writing here to let all of you know what's happening as well. the reason i left was because i was constantly feeling ill and tired. i was just not happy. it's extremely self draining to sit around for so many hours and then not being able to completely rejouvinate yourself. not the job for me. but i still have that scene 190 to look for in the movie when it hits the theaters and i still have the cast and crew wrap party to attend. it has been quite a memorable experience that i will always carry with me. if anyone ever gets that chance to be in a movie as an extra or whatever, do it because you may or may not like it, but at least you took the chance to find out. that's why i don't regret doing it for the couple of months that i was there. maybe if it were in the states in a place that wasn't dirty, i'd do it, but the part of Rosarito where i was staying is dirty. i wasn't in a very healthy situation considering the lack of sleep and physical activity. i don't know how all of the core extras have done it for so long. good job to you guys! the last scene i watched was leo and kate in the labrynth of the boat trying to get out. leo screaming to people above to help them unlock the gates and let them up because it's flooding down where they are. the other scene is where they're trying to get out from below and they go to knock down a door and someone says to them "don't do that it's an expensove door!" and they yell in unison, "SHUTUP!!!" it's funny that the person is so concerned about the stupid door because the boat is sinking. it's not like it's going to make a difference whether the door is broken or not it's going down with the boat. look forward to seeing this movie. i'm telling you it's going to be a huge candidate for many awards!!!


okay. this week was long and dreary. i was on the set for six days and not one day did i get to be on film. hurry up to get there and then wait around for twelve to sixteen hours at a time. it's horrible. my patience has been put to the limit. i can't believe that i basically sit around for hours. i have read numerous books, written letters, talked to people, made a couple phone calls, ate, tried to sleep for a while...argh! i think for me to be in this business professionally as a career i would have to be in kate's shoes...the only problem is that i am not willing to work up to where she is in the business. oh well. it's not what i want to do anyway with my life. i know that now. :) the scenes that i got to sit through and sometimes had to sit through weren't that exiting. a lot of the time it was scenes where the extras are running up to the poop deck while the boat is sinking. a lot of stunts were also done this week. people jumping off the ship and stuff. that was cool to watch. still the highlight of this deal was working with Billy. he's a cool guy! i also met Mark Chapman. he has done a lot of tv like swamp thing.he was the evil doctor arcain. you can still watch that show on USA..ch 2 for me. he's a really gorgeous person. very humerous. that's about it for this week.


okay everyone, this is what is up...the movie is to be released still July 4th, but the filming of the movie is being continued for, at least, 6 more weeks. we were supposed to be done mid or end of february. oh well. it has been, so far, one of the most memorable things that i have ever done. i have finally adjusted to sleeping during the day and working all night. crazy hours are not a big deal anymore, unless i am sitting around not doing anything. but even then i use the time to my advantage and read and write to family and friends. yesterday was sooo wonderful! i was working and cameron (the director) had an idea for a scene which includes me and the showing of my face! the scene went really well and billy zane kissed me and told me i was great. you see...i am not an actress. it's not my choice of profession, but for now i guess...anyhow the director called me a sweetheart and was very impressed with my work, so i am officially in the movie. that is...if the scene is not cut, which i don't think it will be because it is apart of the continuity of the scene directly previous from it. i was really nervous at first because cameron gets pissed off really fast after a few takes and people are not doing what they are supposed to be doing. he yelled at this elderly woman in the scene previously shot before mine. i felt so bad for her. he even yelled at the craft services (food) lady. he cussed her out. it was scary. so i paid good attention and did exactly what was expected of me. kathy bates is all done with this movie. personally i find her to be the biggest actor in the movie and she didn'e even get treated like it! she didn't like it in rosarito anyhow. she's a sweet person though. she earned a golden globe award recently. i forget for what, but she is a very talented actress. check out MISERY & FRIED GREEN TOMATOS she is brilliant. just lovely. that's all for now....until next week....


Me as a photo double??? I never would have thought to be in any major motion picture. Especially one starring a bunch of great actors of whom I have seen many or almost all of their movies...actors such as...Leonardo Di Caprio, Kathy Bates, Frances Fisher, Billy Zane, Kate Winslet...and more. When I was called to be casted as Kate Winslet's photo double I had no idea who she was. It's so amazing now to be working with her and to see how much we really look a like. It's eerie. The set of Titanic is huge! It's a whole other world there. The clothes are so neat and so are most of the people. :) There's one thing that I should make known to everyone...THERE IS NOTHING GLAMEROUS ABOUT MOVIE MAKING. It can be quite exciting at times, but let me tell you...it's loooong hours. We started shooting nights and the hours range anywhere from being on the set around 2:30-4:00p.m. & leaving in the whee hours of the morning...anywhere from 5-7a.m. NO JOKE! It's a very hard job. I have been working there a week and I can let you know that I have already found a new appreciation for movies. It happens very often that one scene will be shot for 12-17 hours straight...of course with a break in between, but the scenes are shot until the director, James Cameron(who also directed "True Lies", "Aliens", "Terminator 2",and "The Abyss", is satisfied. The movie is being shot in Rosarito, Mexico about 10-15 miles out of TJ. It's a big set and you can see the Titanic from the free way in Mexico.(from the toll roads) The movie is to be in theaters by July 4th when more huge movies are coming out...such as the sequal to Jurrasic Park and Speed 2. The actual filming of the movie is scheduled to end the end of February...that is to say if the movie doesn't go over budget...which most movies usually do. Well...that's all for now from movie land. Just to let you know...all you big time movie fans of the actors listed above...don't be going down there expecting to run into any of them because you most likely (99.9%) will not. They are very low key and are hidden away in very obscure places. So don't expect to go lurking for an autograph from any one of them. You will most likely be wasting your time. I'll write more as i come home for the Sundays that I have off to let you all know MORE!!! until then...

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